Breaking Development News!
January 25

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

Time for Breaking Development News. Let’s take a look at what has been changed and added to the game.

🔶 Along with some technical optimization, there was a major rebalance of the “War Shield” defensive module. First of all, these changes that are made concern the parameters upgrades. So, from now on, the parameter “Shield Strength” at level 10 equals 525 instead of 505 units, at level 20: 550 instead of 510, at level 40: 600 instead of 520, at level 50: 640 instead of 527, and at the last, level 60, this parameter is 690 instead of 537. Absolutely similar changes were made to the “Max Regeneration” parameter. We can say that the increase in parameters at the last level was approximately 28 percent.

🔶 The parameter “Regen Speed” also did not remain unchanged. At level 10, it is still 101 units, however, at level 20: 103.5 instead of 102, at level 40: 111.5 instead of 104, at level 50: 118.5 instead of 105.5, and at the last level, 60, the indicator is 127 instead of 107.5. Here, the improvement for this parameter at the last level was approximately 15 percent.

💬 What do you think, Commanders, will the War Shield be used more often in regular Arena battles and in Class Battles? We are eager to hear your thoughts!

Wish you luck at the Arena!

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