Big changes, what are they? Update 2.7.
April 16

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You talked about it, you remembered about it, you waited for it. 

Update 2.7. already in Space Arena.

This is a big update with new content, an event and interesting new features, in which:

  • added seasonality in Master League;
  • changed the system of winstreak in Master League;
  • added in-game mail;
  •  a new event starts – “Anomalies”;
  •  added new skins, etc.


Is this interesting for you, commanders?

Then sit back and read

1.Added seasonality in Master League.

This is a feature that will provide a competitive component of the rating table.

New concepts have been introduced: season and sub-league.

 Season – a certain time during which a change in rating points is fixed for each player.

At the end of the season, a rating is made of the strongest players, but after the end of the Season, rating points are reset (partial).

-Sub-League – the division of a large Master League into its constituent parts. To achieve each sub-league, the player needs to earn a certain value of rating points. For achieving each sub-league, the player receives rewards (one-time per season).


How to get into the fight for the rating:

To do this, you need to score a rating of 1000 and, thus, get into Master League.

After reaching Master League with the loss of rating points, the player can no longer go below 1000 points during the Season (0 rating points are removed when returning to 1000). If a player loses rating points then he can go down to lower sub-leagues.

The duration of the season can be viewed in the tab with the rating of players.

Sub League:

-to achieve each sub-league, the player must earn a certain number of rating points;

– upon reaching each sub-league the player receives rewards. Rewards for sub-league achievements are awarded once per season;

-if a player does not pick up rewards manually during the season, at the end of the season they will automatically be sent to him in-game mail.

-the player will be notified of the achievement of a new sub-league using a marker in the game interface.

End of season and start of the new season:

-before the start of the new season, all Master League players are reset rating points (automatically);

-rating reset – when a certain value is subtracted from the current rating value;

-after the reset, the player starts the season with the rating after subtraction;

-after the end of the previous season, the rating points that were earned by the player in the off-season count towards the resetting rating;

-if a player does not enter the game for several seasons, then every season he loses rating points without receiving rewards for sub-leagues in missed seasons.


-in the offseason, the player continues to fight, gain and lose rating. After the start of the new season, the sub-league is determined by the current number of player rating points.

The calculation of the number of points taken is based on the general principles of the Elo rating system.

One of the rewards for the first season of the Master League will be the skin “Stealth” for the galactic carrier USS Centurion.

The season of the Master League starts on May 11th.

IMPORTANT: We understand that adding seasonality to the Master League is a massive change in the ranking table, so we will closely monitor the process and results of the season. This system is still experimental.

2.In-game mail.

In-game mail is a new section of the game interface in which every player can learn about all the important information: from the awards received to the latest development news.

-A mail button has been added to the main game interface. When a player presses a button, he enters the mail menu.

The player’s in-game mail consists of several sections:

-Space Arena Team– section with letters from the developers.

-Actions– section with letters from the game (notifications of awards, etc.).

-News on Space Arena – a button leading to the news page on the official website of the project.

Access to mail opens upon reaching level 15.

3.New winstreak system in the Master League:

The developers have developed a new winstreak system in the Master League:

-for certain values ​​of winstreak, each player receives rewards (bonus rating points, credits, Celestium, galaxies, chips, etc.), which are automatically calculated;

-winstreak’s earned values ​​are valid for a certain period of time, then the winstreak is reset and starts to be earned again. The time remaining before resetting the winstreak is reflected in the game interface.

-if a player loses, only the winstreak value is reset, the value of the rating bonus allotted for a certain period of time remains the same.

-especially for the convenience of commanders, the developers redesigned the interface of the winstreak system, thanks to which any player understands the periods and principles of accrual of awards, as well as the position of the player in the winstreak system:

-rewards for re-attaining the winstreak in the same time period are not awarded.

Thus, commanders, we have an understandable and transparent winstreak system.

4.Event “Anomalies”.

This is a completely new event, which was added by developers in Space Arena for the first time.

The meaning of the event is that the player enters a special battle mode, in which various space anomalies act on ships and modules – additional bonuses and anti-bonuses. Every day, this set of bonuses is changed to another.

The matchmaking system inside the event works on the same principle as in the regular Arena, where the player rating is taken as the basis. But at the end of the battle, instead of calculating the rating, event points are given.

If the player loses the battle, the ship does not need repair. but in case of defeat, the player spends an attempt, which can be restored for credits, Celestium, advertising in a limited amount.

Rating of the best players.

According to the event points, accumulative statistics are kept, as a result of which the top rating of the players is formed. For achieving top positions, players will receive additional rewards.

The event starts on May 11th.

5.New skins for PSS Sparrow and Phantom.

Special skins on ships in honor of the International Day of Human Space Flight.

Hurray, commanders!

6. Updated ship graphics for Phantom and PSS Sparrow. The new graphics for the ships are as follows:

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