April Commander’s Digest
May 06

👨‍🚀 Here’s the digest of Arena and Commanders’ community news for April:

🗯 A major update 3.14 was released, featuring reworked Fleet Arena, Kronos, Anomalies, changed Clan Boss bonuses, and visual improvements. Updates 3.14.1 and 3.14.2 followed, tweaking the main menu interface and the Select Game Mode menu. Additionally, we gave a sneak peek of what to expect in the upcoming version 3.15.

🗯 The HQ staff and Discord mods held the Bazaar, where Commanders could exchange activity points for resources. Five lots were auctioned, featuring Kronos blueprints, Celestium, Galaxy Coordinates, chips, and Limit Breakers. Exclusive skins were also included with each lot.

🗯 Commander scorpion0000 from the ShadowReavers clan, prepared guides on modules and ships.

🗯 The HQ announced a new event coming in version 3.16. Also, new modules, including ones with unique mechanics, will soon be available on the Arena. Another existing module will be buffed.

🗯 The HQ staff also announced the two new ships, Corvette and Cruiser classes. The HQ will hold tests of these new ships for Commanders this or next week.

🗯 We conducted the intergalactic “On Duty!” drill and awarded Credits and Celestium to the fastest Commanders.

🗯 Arena veterans and TOP Commanders advised whether it’s worth buying the same Galactic Carrier multiple times in one’s hangar, and clarified the significance of zombie and tank builds.

🗯 The HQ organized giveaways of skins for Wing Mk2, Sparrow Mk2, and Orkaan.

🗯 Commanders had the opportunity to test the trial ships Umbra and Castrum.

🗯 We hosted Anomalies with intergalactic egg ships.

🗯 Commanders shared their knowledge of Reactive Armor mechanics.

🗯 The HQ published the results of the April Clan Wars and Clan Bosses season and the results of the Arena’s ranking season.

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