A little about the plans of the developers for the game🤖.
November 14

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How developers are going to diversify the gameplay

👇Read about it below. Developer responses to player suggestions. After reading,

we suggest you leave your comments on these plans, as well as a couple of new suggestions for the game.

🔶1. Add superbosses of each class with unique ships. after defeating them, players will be given rare galaxies, drawings and modifications.

👉Devs: This is an interesting idea that diversifies the gameplay. And we are already working on something similar .  Wait for new updates.

🔶2. Add the ability to change ships in hangars so that you can put all ships in order before class battles.

👉Devs: The idea is good, and we understand the benefits of its implementation. Therefore, we will consider the possibility of its implementation.

🔶3. Add clans and clan battles to the game.

👉Devs: We have been telling you for a long time that we are going to introduce formats for playing together. And the creation of clan battles is one part of this plan.

🔶4. Before the battle, we want to see more detailed characteristics of our ships and enemy ships.

👉Devs: In the future, we plan to change the interface for displaying general indicators of ships. With their help, players will be able to better navigate how strong this or that ship is,
and how strong the build is.

🔶5. Create pilots for each ship line with passive abilities and the ability to upgrade them.

👉Devs: This is another good idea to make the gameplay more diverse and fun  And we will definitely consider the possibility of implementing something similar in future updates.

We think that such developers’ plans for the game will not disappoint you😊.
But their introduction into the game will have to wait a bit 

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