April 28

👨‍🚀 Greetings, Commanders!

The huge 3.9 update is gradually becoming available for download to Commanders. Changes have affected many aspects of the game. Let’s take a closer look at them.

First of all, the game has a huge number of skins for all ships. You can browse them by tapping on the Skins icon when selecting a certain ship in the main menu. Along with the Skins icon, the new main menu tab also contains buttons Ship Modifications and Upgrades. Some skins can be obtained for free, while others require Credits, Celestium, or real currency. You can unlock them by collecting skin parts – a new resource in the game. By collecting them for specific ship skin, Commanders can unlock them. The game also features universal skin parts. These are the same, but they will fit for any skin.

A new tab where you can find Skins, Modifications, and Upgrades buttons


A Leveling Pass has been added. Just like with the Clan Pass, Commanders can receive rewards from the new pass by increasing their level. The Leveling Pass has a premium branch with additional prizes that can be unlocked for a certain fee.

Screenshot of the Leveling Pass. Presented rewards may differ from the final rewards in the update


Introducing the new Fleet Arena! Now you can observe all the Fleet Arena battles. Also, you can make the fleet build from the ships that you have in your hangar with the current builds.

The concept of the Fleet Arena remains the same, but the battles have become more epic, just like in other modes!


The tasks have been significantly changed. From now on, all tasks are divided into Dailies, Weeklies, and Achievements. Rewards can be obtained for all three types of tasks. Unlike Dailies and Weeklies tasks, rewards for Achievements can only be obtained once. Final rewards are provided separately for both Dailies and Weeklies tasks, which can be claimed if Commander completes all tasks. In case Commander hasn’t claimed one of the rewards, a red dot will appear above the Tasks icon. You can face the similar red dot above the Shop icon when offers are being updated.

Screenshot of the new Tasks window. The presented rewards may differ from the final rewards in the update


From now on, a red dot can be also seen above the Tasks icon


Along with tasks and the Leveling Pass, rewards for daily Space Arena login have been added to the game. By logging in every day, Commanders can receive additional resources!

Screenshot of the new Daily Login Rewards window. The presented rewards may differ from the final rewards in the update


The window that appears at the end of the battle has been changed as well. Starting from update 3.9, this window allows you to see your progress toward the next level and league, as well as learn about the nearest reward from the Leveling Pass. In addition, Commander can find out which ship modifications was purchased on the opponent’s ship, and which skin was used.

Screenshot of the new End Battle window


The Construction window has also been changed along with the End Battle window. In addition to visual changes, Commanders can observe there how much energy each module consumes/generates, as well as how many cells it occupies during the making of a build. Through this window, it is also possible to purchase missing modules, upgrade them, and switch to the Ship Upgrades window.

Also, additional buttons for useful functions has been added to the Construction window. Here are the list of these new functions Commanders may use:

  • Switching between ship build slots.
  • Clearing the build in the current ship slot.
  • Copying the current build to a new ship slot.
  • Switching to Radius Display Mode. By the way, you can also watch a short video guide on how to use this mode.
  • Enabling and disabling the display of module parameters “Energy”, “Size”, “Show new modules”, “Show unlocked mods”.

Screenshot of the reworked Construction window


The Galactic Map that contains all game modes and events has been changed significantly! Commanders can now learn detailed information about each mode, how many battles they have left and what rewards can be obtained within the each game mode. Commanders can also repair their ships and purchase additional battles via this window. The Campaign tab has also been moved to the Galactic Map window.

Screenshot of the reworked Galactic Map window


The parameters of all modules have been divided into regular and Pro modes to keep Commanders comfortable. This will help novice Commanders understand which parameters are best to upgrade first for each certain module.

Screenshot of the module upgrade window with disabled Pro mode


Screenshot of the module upgrade window with Pro mode enabled


The tutorial and interface in a whole have been reworked too. Now, each Commander can choose one of eight game characters, which are displayed in the Profile section. The in-game statistics are now displayed as “Level,” “Experience,” “League,” “Ranking,” “Victories,” “Defeats,” “Techs unlocked,” and “Ships destroyed.” By the way, Celestium now has got a new icon!

Screenshot of the reworked Profile window with a game character selected


Screenshot of the new window when Commander gains a new level


The battle interface has received some new features in the new version. One of these features is the ability to pause battles. In addition, Commanders can choose one of two types of health point (HP) displays presets for their ships or turn the HP bar off altogether, as well as the energy, cells, modules placed on your ship, and tips bars.

Screenshot of the reworked battle window


And finally, some of other 3.9. update’s changes:

  • Thanks to technical innovations, exclusive modules may soon appear in Anomalies and other game modes.
  • The new version of the game has been optimized for 30 frames mode in both battles and menus.
  • The look and skins of the PSS Miran Mk2 have been redesigned.
  • The look of the Drone Ship has been redesigned.
  • A new, zero Campaign sector has been added to the game.
  • Winstreak rewards were removed.
  • A confirmation window was added while purchasing additional battle in Ships Competition (aka Ship Battle) mode.
  • From now on, there is a chance Commanders can obtain Success Units, Galaxy Coordinates, common and overclocking chips when playing Fleet Arena.
  • A new Galaxy Coordinate called Elegance was added to game. Its main loot – skin parts.
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