3.14 update
April 22

👨‍🚀 Commanders! Update 3.14 is now available for all Commanders. Here’s the full changelog:

🔻 The game mode selection menu has been reworked, replacing the previous galaxy map. Now, besides the familiar red “To Battle” button, there’s a blue button on the right. It remembers the last selected game mode and redirects Commanders to it when the red button is pressed. In 3.15, we’ll make this menu even better based on the feedback we received from Commanders-testers.

Here’s what the new game mode selection menu looks like


🔻 The HQ has revamped the Anomalies event shop. Now, Commanders can purchase Kronos blueprints and other special and regular ships’ blueprints of various classes. The same goes for Beta, Delta, and Theta Galaxy Coordinates. Also, Commanders can increase the number of event trophies within a limited number of battles and earn extra event points in the shop by watching ads, as well as skip opponents for Celestium. It functions similarly to the ranking battles feature.

🔻 Commanders can request Kronos blueprints every weekend. Kronos-related achievements have also been added.

🔻 The Galactic carrier Kronos has received buffs. The initial and maxed parameters’ values have been increased:

  • Damage from Rocket Modules parameter. Initial value – from 5% to 15%, maxed – from 18% to 33.5%;
  • Total Module Health parameter. Initial value – from 3% to 10%, maxed – from 15% to 39%;
  • Strength of Shield Modules parameter. Initial value – from 5% to 15%, maxed – from 30.5% to 34%.

The ship’s base speed has been increased from 7 to 9.

🔻 The Fleet Arena (FA) game mode has also changed. First of all, the flagship HP and damage bonus has been reworked. Now, it can only be obtained from one ship of its class. Other ships of the same class can also be placed in the fleet, but they will not provide a flagship bonus. For example, if a player places a Light Fighter to the fleet, and then another Light Fighter and a Lightning, the bonus will only be added from the first ship added, the Light Fighter in our case.

Each ship of the same class provides a fixed HP and damage value:

  • Fighters, HP +105%, damage +51%;
  • Corvettes, HP +95%, damage +46%;
  • Frigates, HP +80%, damage +38%;
  • Cruisers, HP +65%, damage +30%;
  • Battleships, HP +50%, damage +23%;
  • Carriers, HP +32%, damage +15%;
  • Supercarriers, HP +22%, damage +10%;
  • Galactic Carriers, HP +8%, damage +3%.

FA extra changes:

  • the number of free battles has increased from 3 to 5;
  • the cost of all ships has been halved;
  • upon defeat, the Commander is guaranteed to receive Celestium, as well as one of the random rewards such as Success Unit, Galaxy Coordinates, chips, or universal skin pieces;
  • the chance of receiving a Limit Breaker and Success Unit as rewards have been reduced;
  • the Celestium reward has been halved. The option to double the final Celestium reward at the end of the battle by watching an ad has been added;
  • extra battles for watching ads have been removed;
  • the game mode is available from level 15 instead of 5.

🔻 The Clan Bosses bonuses’ values for the upcoming season have been reduced. Clan Bosses’ builds have been updated.

🔻 The AI Competitions event has received minor adjustments. We’ll soon start launching it systematically for Commanders. There’s a possibility that the event will be launched for all Commanders several times.

🔻 The HQ has prepared special content for the May holidays.

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