September 01

👨‍🚀 Commanders! It’s time to update to the 3.10.2 version.

Here’s what has changed in this version:

  • First and foremost, advertisements are now more stable and play correctly. This includes advertisements before and after battles, as well as reward advertisements.
  • The HQ has reworked advertisements for Celestium. You will still receive 10 Celestium for watching one advertisement from the “Shop” section. Commanders have access to 4 advertisements to watch by default.
  • After watching each advertisement, a new one becomes available after a 4-6 seconds cooldown. All 4 advertisements fully restore in 7 hours. If a Commander watches 3/4 advertisements, the advertisement counter will still refresh to 4/4. Previously, Commanders had to watch all advertisements for the counter to refresh.
  • Unfortunately, we had to hide the Friends tab. We also removed the daily task where you had to claim rewards for friends. However, this doesn’t mean that the in-game Friends system has disappeared from the game forever. Sooner or later, the HQ will bring it back.
  • The HQ has made thorough preparations to welcome Commanders from Iran. The Farsi language has been added, along with the possibility to log in through Cafe Bazaar.
  • We are already preparing something exciting for Commanders: making the final adjustments to a new module and getting ready to hold an event that you are familiar with. All of this will be coming very soon…

See you on the Arena, Commanders!

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