🏴‍☠ Yarr!
June 07
👨‍🚀 Ahoy, Mateys!

🚀 Today be the sixth o’ June, an’ ye know what that there means?
If aye, then feel free to raise the ol’ good Jolly Roger, an’ if not, then we be ‘appy to tell ye!
Exactly 27 years ago, two mates from Albany, Oregon went out to play racquetball. Durin’ a sudden serve, one o’ them been slightly injured an’ instead o’ the usual “ouch”, ‘e shouted a valiant gentleman o’ fortune “Arrrr”. The mates liked the sound o’ pirate slang so much that there they decided to ‘ave a “Talk Like a Pirate Day” every yearrr. An’ soon this here ‘oliday became international. It be worth notin’ that there the official date o’ the celebration been moved to September 19th, but the day when this here ‘oliday been born be the sunny June 6th.
An’ as ye know, we be always on the side o’ the original source. O’ course, this here does not mean that there on September 19th we will set sail ye without congratulations. Perhaps…

🏴‍☠ Yarr, anyway, ‘appy Gentleman o’ Fortune Day! Yo-ho-ho an’ a fair wind!

P.S. With this here congratulation, our ‘oliday be just beginnin’. Follow the crew, we ‘ave prepared somethin’ interesting! 😉

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